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Master Directors Symposium

The Master Directors symposium is a four-session program designed specifically for all band directors and their staff. Each session will be conducted by influential musicians and leaders who are excited to share their wisdom and know-how to help band directors to strenghten their own band programs!



For your registration Fee, you will receive:

  • Access to All Four Master Sessions and any other added sessions

  • A FREE DVD of Each Session

  • Access to Materials given by the Maestro Instructors

  • An opportunity to network and build relationships with the maestro instructors as well as other participating band directors.

Sessions for 2014-2015
All Sessions Will Be Held In New Orleans,. Locations. 


July 1, 2014
Maestro Instructor:  Paul I. Adams
Arrangement/Composition Techniques

November 2014

Maestro Instructor: Lawrence Jackson

Building and Maintaining a Successful Band Program



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