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M.E.C.C.A Master Directors Symposium

Session 2: Composition & Arrangement Techniques

Maestro Instructor: Paul I. Adams
July 1st & 2nd,  2015 | 9am to 2pm
Medard H. Nelson School

3121 New Orleans, LA 70119


Topics to be discussed:

  • Balance - how to get the optimal sound of your arrangement to fit the makeup of your band

  • Utility - how to tailor your arrangement to the specific activity it will be used for

  • Creativity - how to add your own touch/extra to your arrangements that may not be found in the original song



Directors, in anticipation of the upcoming session, Mr. Adams is requesting you bring the following with you to your session:

  • A laptop 

  • An arrangement of yours that you feel needs work 

  • A YouTube video link of your band playing your arrangement (if you have one) 

  • Paper to take notes

  • A folder



You are allowed to bring one student arranger with you to this session. 
This session is free for the student arranger. 

High Schooler Student Arrangers must be The Student of a Director Registered with The MECCA Master Program, and must have permission to attend

COLLEGE STUDENTS: Student ID Is Required To Attend
Cost: $20.00


Students are also required to bring the listed materials.




Maestro Instructor Paul I. Adams

Not Registered for Our Directors Symposium?

Register Today!
Cost: $50.00
  this covers all sessions for the remainder of the year

COLLEGE STUDENTS: Student ID Is Required To Attend
Cost: $20.00

Directors who have previously registered do not have to register again.
(your student arranger has free admission)

This session requires college students to register using the form below.   You must also bring your current, college-issued photo ID with you.


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