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Standard HBCU Audition Requirements

The Basic Requirements
Each bullet point is a common expectation

  • Scales (Major, Minor & Chromatic)

  • A Prepared Piece

  • Sight Reading

  • Percussionist must display knowledge of The 40 Essential Rudiments

In detail below

Major Scales: Concert
C, F, G, Bb, D, Eb, A, Ab, E, B, Db and Gb 


Natural Minor Scales:
Concert A, D, E, G and C 


Chromatic Scales: 

  • Flute - C to C, 3 octaves 

  • Clarinet- E to E, 3 octaves 

  • Saxophones- Low Bb to High F above the staff 

  • Trumpet- Low F# below the staff to High C above the staff

  • Mellophone or French Horn- Low C below the staff to High G above the staff 

  • Trombone- Low E to Bb (second octave)

  • Baritone (Bass Clef)- same as Trombones 

  • Baritone (Treble Clef)- same as Trumpets 

  • Tuba or Sousaphone- Low E to Bb (second octave)


Find a list of scales here: 


The 40 Essential Rudiments are required. Please start at a slow tempo and accelerate to a roll for a minimum of (5) seconds. The 40 Essential Rudiments can be found at: 



  • Horns - Perform two solos or etudes of your choice. The choices should be contrasting; one displaying slow, lyrical playing with the other displaying proficiency in technique and articulation. Any piece Grade 4 or above on the FBA list (or other state festival list) would be considered appropriate. 

  • Percussion -Students should prepare etude/solo on snare drum  


  • Bring your own Instruments & equipment. Borrow them from your school if necessary.  

  • instruments WILL NOT be provided

  • Practice your prepared piece to perfection.



You will be auditioning before professionals. Dress comfortably but presentable.

  • Band or High School attire is fine.

  • No Do-Rags, No Bandanas, No Flip-Flops, No Slippers.




Upon approaching the director's panel, you must introduce yourself accordingly.


  • Speak & answer questions confidently.

  • Don't be afraid to let them know who you are.

  • Follow the instructions as given without hesitation.

  • Upon your Exit, thank participating directors for the opportunity to audition before them.

  • Expect to be contacted by directors privately for further evaluation.


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