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The New Orleans All-Star Band is dedicated to providing musical education and mentorship opportunities to underserved youth in New Orleans. We supply unique experiences for these young people to learn the history and culture of New Orleans music, help them foster a greater appreciation for music, teach them the art of healthy competition and provide a safe space where they feel free to express themselves.

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The New Orleans All-Star Band believes that every student deserves access to a productive environment during the summer. That’s why we offer a summer band program that is accessible to as many students as possible. We are aware of the financial struggles many families in our community face, which is why we only ask for $150 per student to participate.

However, with a total cost of $277 per student, we rely on the generosity of our sponsors to make it possible to keep the program running and accessible to all aspiring musicians. If you’re interested in sponsoring a student or students, scan the QR Code and make a difference in the life of a young musician today!

*Donations are tax deductible*

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New Orleans All-Star Band 2023 Staff

About The Band

Founded in the spring of 2009, the New Orleans All-Star Band (aka the JUGGERNAUT) began with a mission to reclaim the throne as the #1 band community in the USA. Unlike its Pre-Katrina predecessor—the original New Orleans Public School All-Star Band (est. 1999)—NOASB is a community program open to anyone ages 13+ willing to participate. The band prides itself on being able to take over 300 young people off of the streets every summer and give them a positive way to spend their time. 

The All-Star band made its inaugural appearance in 2010 by participating as a guest performer in the Greater Houston All-Star Battle of The Bands. Since then, NOASB has become both a local & regional favorite and a staple of the New Orleans band community.


NOASB is most notable for participating in regional community marching band competitions as an ambassador for the city of New Orleans, competing with various organizations from Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennesse, Alabama & Georgia. 

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