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What We Do


Our organization facilitates networking opportunities for New Orleans band alumni to foster ongoing relationships and connections between alumni and current students.

We provide vital financial and resource support to local high school band programs through strategic fundraising efforts and targeted solicitation of donations.

Our community-based initiatives promote positive community relations and reinforce our commitment to corporate social responsibility.

We align with the goals and objectives of local band directors and staff, supporting their ongoing work to develop the next generation of musicians and leaders in our community.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to empower young musicians in New Orleans by enhancing their technical and leadership abilities, enabling them to overcome poverty and achieve their full potential through music. We also aim to preserve and revitalize the rich tradition of New Orleans band culture, while providing opportunities for personal and musical growth for our youth.


Who We Are

We are a non-profit alumni association committed to preserving and promoting New Orleans' unique band culture. We also engage a community of supporters who understand the vital role music plays in empowering local youth. Together, we strive to sustain and celebrate this important cultural tradition.

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