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Our Mission: To restore and preserve the historic New Orleans band culture while providing young people opportunities for growth both as musicians and as individuals.


Who We Are


We are a group of band alumni from New Orleans, LA joined together as an alumni association. with a mission to revive, revitalize, cultivate and celebrate our precious band culture.


We also consist of a community of supporters (non-band members) who recognize how much of a lifeline music is to the youth of our great city!  So, they contribute and offer support to sustain the band culture as well.

We are an official 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


What We Do


We provide the New Orleans band alumni with an association they can use to build and maintain lasting interpersonal relationships with other band alumni and develop new bonds between alumni and current band students


We contribute to the local New Orleans high school band programs with supplemental financial and/or resource assistance by raising money through regular membership contributions, special solicitations for donations, fundraisers and other appropriate measures.


We promote goodwill within the community via community-based initiatives.


We support the ongoing work, policies, and objectives of the local band directors and staff of the local band programs.


All donations & funding goes toward our mission to providing support to our local band programs

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