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    We’re excited to announce our fundraising partnership with Landmark Event Staffing Services, the leading event security provider for major sporting events, conventions, concerts & festivals in the New Orleans area. We are now seeking enthusiastic volunteers to assist in making this fundraising opportunity a success!    

Your volunteer hours will allow us to not only fund our programs but it will also benefit you! Here is a list of perks and benefits for volunteering with us: 


Long-term Benefits: 

  • IF INTERESTED You can become an official State-Licensed Tier 1 Unarmed Security Guard.   

  • You will receive training and experience that will be beneficial when seeking full-time or part-time employment with any unarmed security firm.   

  • You have the option of becoming an employee of Landmark Event Staffing Services..  

Below is a list of things that you must know prior to registering: 

  • Must be 18 years of age or older.  

  • Must pass an extensive REDTAIL background screening  

  • Must attend the 16 hours of training  

  • Must be tested to receive official state license.  

  • Training and testing will likely take place at the Superdome on a weekday.   


If you would like to participate in this unique and wonderful opportunity, please register at our linked registration page:



After registering to volunteer, you will be contacted via email from Landmark’s regional management to continue the official registration process with the company.   


If you have any questions or would like more info about this project, please contact Joshua Cousin via email or by phone/text: | (504)-252-0084 


Thank you for volunteering with the New Orleans Legacy Association of Bands, Inc., and we look forward to working with you.  

Volunteer with NOLA-B!


Required Attire for This Event:

  • ALL Black Shoes (comfortable but not flashy)

  • White button down shirt 

  • Landmark Will supply the additional uniform

  • Must be tested to receive official state license.  



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