Whether it's a bands proven track record, or rivals battling for spectator approval;

In the city of New Orleans, the title of "Best In The City" is a priveledge.

Who's got the best band for the 2015 football season?



How to Vote:

  • Click the button next to school of your choice. 

  • Fill in the CAPCHA Text into the box

  • Click Submit Your Vote



The poll on this page was created strictly for Bragging Rights. 

Each Band will be ranked and listed according to the precentage of votes accumulated over the course of the poll. 

Although the rankings will be publicly acknowledged;
there will be no prizes awarded of any kind.
Therefore there should be no expectation for a prize.

This particular poll only includes active high school 
show style bands from the parishes of Orleans and Jefferson.

The poll will close on December 10th 2015,
Results will be posted on this page within 48 hours after the poll closes. 

if your high school band is not listed and would like to be included Contact Us